Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wintersown.org Seeds

I am excited about the seeds we received from Wintersown.org this past weekend. I guess as a thanks for sending them some seeds I had collected from my tomato plants, they fulfilled my request with my 6 choices and my 4 alternates. And then for good measure included an ornamental pepper and Basil 'Napolitano Bolloso' seeds. Here is a list of what I received in my self addressed, stamped envelope.

Tiny Tim ~ Abundant, yum red cherries on dwarf plants, nice for containers and planters, DET, 58+ DTM

MoneyMaker ~ Good cropper for hot and humid regions, has quite tasty red fruits, most about 4 ounces, IND, 75+ DTM

Great White ~ Large creamy-white heirloom beefsteak, beautiful and delicious, large plants, IND, 85 DTM

Gartenperle ~ Dwarf plants crop loades small red cherries, novelty for containers and baskets, DET, 75+ DTM

Golden Cherokee ~ Delicious bicolor version of Cherokee Purple, nice fruit set, can weigh over 8 ounces, IND, about 80 DTM

Cuore di Bue ~ Italian oxhearts can weigh eight ounces, excellent flavor, yum for slicing or sauce, IND, about 80 DTM

Bradley ~ Makes loads of 10 ounce red fruits, fine for fresh eating and nice canning type too, Semi-DET, about 80 DTM

Indiana Baltimore ~ 1930s farm variety produces loads of oblate scarlet-red fruits, reliable and yum cropper, IND, 75+ DTM

Islea ~ Venezualan variety crops loads of ruffled, oblate, dark pink-to-red fruits, juicy and yum, IND, 75 DTM

Azoychka ~ Lemon-yellow beefsteaks can weigh about a half-pound each, crops early and has great flavor, IND, 70+ DTM