Monday, March 12, 2012

Nook off the Grid

I have decided to take my Nook (1st generation) off the grid. This Christmas my brother-in-law gave me a Solio Solar Power Charger. I decided to see if I can get by with solely charging my Nook via the sun, so last night was the first time the Solio charged up my Nook, and it looked like it worked fine. Should be interesting to see if the charger is able to soak up enough rays to keep the Nook going. I think it may, as the Nook also doesn't need that much charging, about only once a week.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


In our effort to make as much of what we consume at home, Julia made some great tasting granola. She made it into two batches, one with chocolate, and one without chocolate, but with craisins (yes, I am the weird one that doesn't like chocolate). It came out delicious (I am eating a piece as I am writing this now). Julia said that it was surprisingly easy, and very inexpensive, we actually didn't have to buy any ingredients, as all the ingredients were things we already had on hand.