Saturday, February 2, 2013

Broccoli 'Emerald Giant Hybrid'

Work on the garden has finally begun here at the newly relocated Villa de Stell Garden here outside of Philadelphia. I have set up the seed starting area, which for the first time, I actually have plenty of space, and don't have to squeeze into the room to be able to access the seed starts. I even have an old drafting table that will work as my "potting bench". The seed starting set up is now in the basement, which we've never had before, so I have plenty of space and am not encroaching on my wife's space anymore, which I know she's happy about. And I am happy that I have access to the utility sink nearby, so watering is even going to be that much easier. So what was started. So far I sowed 18 Broccoli plants. I am using out of season Christmas lights to hopefully bring the temperature up a bit, and act as an homemade seed starting warmer.