Monday, April 13, 2009

Seed Starting Setup

This Saturday I also finished purchasing and putting together my seed starting setup (it is no longer an ad-hoc setup on top of the fridge made of glass blocks and phone books). I know it may be a bit late to really get a jump start on this years plants, but I am happy that I now have it set up for future use. Ideally, I wish I had been able to go with slightly longer shelves, but due to space limitations in our townhouse, that was not an option for now (so the shop lights stick out on each side a bit). Please ignore the clothes hanging in the background, as you may guess, the only available space we had was in my walk-in closet, so now I get to squeeze by our seedlings every morning as I get ready for work. The nice thing is that the setup did not cost much at all. The shelf was $29 from Ikea (Gorm shelf) and the 4' shop lights were from Lowes, and were $9 each, and the bulbs were slightly under $7 a pair. 

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