Thursday, August 13, 2009

Guerilla Gardening battle with HOA

Sad to say, that I may have to pull up a whole section of my garden that I planted, since it was a guerilla garden on land that I don't own, and never had permission to grow on. I made a point of not disturbing the HOA's plantings, only planting where they had mulch that tends to gets washed away by rain. We thought it looked better, and I know it was helping the stop the erosion that their mulch never does on land that is not being used for anything else. Luckily our green bean harvest in that area has already produced a bunch, but really sad about the watermelons. We have one growing really nicely, already a nice size, that I am told has to be pulled out immediately. But I am fighting them over some of my garden, because they are saying that I have to pull everything out, even the garden I have next to our patio under our kitchen window. I told him in no way am I removing that, as I have written permission dating back to Spring 2003 from the former HOA company giving me permission to plant there.

I personally can't stand this HOA company. Last fall a bush that they had planted did damage to our plumbing, and cost us a total of $1300 to repair (which included the price for the removal of said bush). When I asked the HOA company to cover at least the cost of the removal, they said that we were in charge of it, but now that I am taking care of the plants around my house, they tell me to take it out. So they only care when it is convenient to them, or doesn't cost them any money.


  1. Sorry to read this, I really hope you can don't have to remove the garden. Have you tried to get a petition going, contact the local newspaper or generally whip up a bit more support. I've found that he nee jerk reaction from landowners is "obey the law" but with a bit of persuassion they realise a pragmatic agreement to permit the garden is actually better for them too. Good luck!

  2. Take as long as you can to remove (if any) plantings. This will give you time to harvest. They cannot do anything until they actually send a written notice with a specific time dateline. Beba and Joe mentioned this to us. Buena suerte.

  3. Oh man! I am so bummed. I hope you work out a suitable situation and/or can change their mind!