Monday, March 8, 2010

Tomato & Sugar Snap Pea Sowing

I went over my tomato seed stash, and ended up picking out 12 varieties that I am thinking of growing, although two of them are small tomatoes (Black Prince and Tumbling Tom) that I plan on growing hanging baskets. I am excited to try them, as all but one of the varieties are new to me this year. I just don't know where I am going to grow them yet.
Over the past few days I have finally gotten around to sowing the seeds, and setting them up in my light-shelves.

Like most things I tend to do (ask Julia), I don't account for how long they will actually take. On my task to-do list was to sow our sugar snap peas outside. I finally got to it after helping getting the kids ready for bed, while Julia was reading them a bedtime story, I was outside with my headlamp quickly preparing soil and sowing 40 sugar snap seeds. Hopefully these do better than my fall planting did. The unseasonably long span of below freezing days we had in January did them under. They had just all started blooming, with their white flowers opening up, promising fresh sugar snap peas, to only wither away.

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  1. Oh good luck with the tumbling toms, they are the variety I chose to try growing indoors this year. They are doing surprisingly well considering the less than ideal growing conditions...being grown on a too short shelf in a closet then moved to a window :)