Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Irrigation System

This spring I decided to expand my irrigation system with a micro sprinkler system. It is by the same brand as the drip irrigation system that I installed last year for my potted plants in my patio, and connects to the timer. For the last few years I had been using a soaker hose for the non-potted plants, but been having to replace the hoses pretty much every year. So when I was going to buy a new one for this year, I started looked at other options, as the base system for the micro sprinklers is slightly more than twice as much than the soaker hose, I decided to try it, with the thought that this will last me much longer than the soaker hoses had been, and will be cost effective in the long run. I have been happy with the level of control that this gives me. I can adjust the amount of water getting to different plants in ways that the soaker hose never allowed. We'll see how it does in the heat of the summer.

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