Friday, March 29, 2013

The Beginnings of a Garden

The garden is starting to finally come together. The kids and I built two raised beds. The beds are going directly on top of the asphalt as we didn't want to use up grass space that the kids play soccer in. I put a base layer of gravel to help the water drain out the bottom. We filled them with two cubic yards of a mushroom compost blend, and mixed in two bales of peat moss to fill the beds up to about their full 15". Back in January I picked up some wood slats from an Ikea bed that someone was throwing out. I used this to make a raised bed for the kids to plant in. It came out to about 30" by 30". So each of the kids will get a 15" by 15" square. I was also given a composter for my birthday, so we are finally composting again, although this time without using vermiculture. The kids are very excited about putting our vegetable scraps into the composter and spinning it. So hopefully we'll be creating rich compost to enrich our garden here at home.

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