Thursday, April 23, 2015

Vine Squash Borers

Here is a short article from "You Bet Your Garden" that talks about methods of combating the vine squash borer, which can be detrimental to all types of squash plants. I may have to give the wrapping the bottom of the vine in gauze a try.

Vine Squash Borers

Vicky in Philadelphia, PA has pumpkins, that were grown from seed, in her well tended school garden. Sadly they have been invaded by pesky vine squash borers and she wants to find out how to avoid this as she plans her garden this year. Mike gives a brief introduction about the vine squash borers: They are night flying moths who lay their eggs at the base of very hallow vines. A physical barrier for her pumpkins, Mike points out, is what will be the best option for Vicky. Mike suggests to grow them out doors in containers and remove them from the containers to plant them in the garden when they are about two feet long. Additionally, Mike recommends, with gauze bandage, to “wrap the whole bottom of the vine going down to the dirtball with this gauzy material”. If Vicky wishes, she can also spray under the leaves every couple of days, forcefully, and where they lay there eggs. This process washes them away.

Here is an image of the telltale sign of Vine Squash Borer damage.

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