Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Roasting Coffee

I have decided to try to roast coffee.... I recently heard a podcast over on Root Simple in which they discussed the merits of roasting your own coffee beans, and I also remembered a blog post a ways back on Chiot's Run which came to a similar conclusion, so it got me thinking. Would this improve the quality of the coffee we drink, and also help us save money? I was able to get an old air popcorn popper from a coworker for free, to get me started on the roasting. I ordered a bag of green Costa Rica Providencia Tarrazu beans to try out. I was able to get a one pound bag for $10. The roasting of the beans went well. I attempted to do a Vienna roast, so roasted them for just under six minutes, when the majority of the beans went through a second crack. They should be ready for us to grind tomorrow morning after they have sat for about 12 hours. 

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