Sunday, May 24, 2009

Around the Garden

We've finally got most of the seeds into the ground, and the seedlings as well. The tomatoes are in the ground and doing well in my neighbor's yard (that I had asked earlier in the year if I could plant since she doesn't ever use her yard. I have also done a bit guerilla gardening, I transplanted winter squash and watermelons into the berm behind our house (they are the small plants that have the white plant id tags in the picture). By adding plant tags, I am hoping that the HOA maintenance people don't rip them out or spray them, and let them fill the bare spaces there in the berm. We have had some pretty busy weekends and evenings with the amount of time the garden has taken on top of taking care of two children and two dogs, but hopefully it will be worth it. Sometimes I start to get stressed feeling that I am getting behind on the garden or missing key windows for planting, but I just need to step back and enjoy the small successes that we are already achieving. As Michaela Cavallaro recently said in Organic Gardening: "I hope to be content with my successes--and accept the inevitable failures. Above all, I want to slow down. If we save a few bucks on groceries and eat a few more veggies in the process, so much the better."

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  1. The pictures look great, thanks for sharing! I am planning on putting things in the ground this weekend, crossing my fingers they like the spot!