Monday, June 8, 2009

Basil & Blue Lake Bush Beans

This past weekend I finally got all the basil that was still in my closet on the light shelves out into the garden and into the ground or pots. The varieties were Genovese, Lemon and Opal. I also sowed all the Blue Lake Bush Beans I had gotten from at the base of the berm.

As an update, some of the Basil is being attacked during the nights, particularly the Opal variety. I believe the culprits are june bugs and pill bugs (rolypolys). I guess the june bugs may have been avoided had I got the basil started on time, and were more established by this point in the season when all the young june bugs start emerging. I have read that putting corn meal around the plants may help, so I may try that, to hopefully give my basil a fighting chance.

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