Sunday, September 20, 2009

Watermelon Harvest

Today we finally harvested the Watermelon 'Moon & Stars' that was growing huge on the berm. The plant was grown from seeds that my friend Andrew gave me for my birthday (from seeds he saved from a watermelon he had purchased at a farmer's market). We would look at it every time we sat down to eat in the dining room. We weighed it, we couldn't use the kitchen scale, that came up with an error, so we used our Wii Fit. The one watermelon weighed in at 18.8 lbs! (Outweighing our daughter Julia Belén!) We have one more little one growing still up on the berm, hopefully that one keeps growing too.

Thanks Andrew.

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  1. that's great! so the HOA didn't make you tear them down after all?