Monday, October 12, 2009

Suwanee Farmer's Market

I am sad, this Saturday was the last day of our local farmer's market here in Suwanee. We ended up going almost every Saturday morning since the first week of May. It was so nice having the fruits and vegetables that we were able to get to supplement what we grew ourselves (the other way around to be honest, someday, maybe, we'll be able to grow more than we buy). But the free range eggs are what I am really going to miss over the colder seasons until the farmer's market opens up again in spring. The eggs were just so much better. They looked completely different, and tasted so much better, and from what I have read, I knew that they were so much healthier for us as well. You can read the facts at Free Range-Eggs.

The idea of not having fresh eggs has us (mostly me, as Julia is a bit more realistic than me when it comes to our dreams and ideas) brainstorming of ways to get our eggs. We both know that we want to have a few hens as soon as we live in a place where that is feasible, but I brought up the idea of guerilla chickens to go along with our guerilla garden (I am sure the HOA would LOVE that). . . Have a few hens, and let them live in the magnolia trees next to our house, and plead ignorance as to how they got there, or how they are being fed if anyone asks. But alas, we'll have to wait to raise our own, and hopefully find a source near us for the winter.

But if there ever happen to be chickens in our neighborhood. . I know nothing about them. . .


  1. You should get some of those silky bantams that look like little dogs, then you can tell people they're a new expensive breed of dog.

    check them out:

  2. Wow! They do really look like little dogs. I could always just get some dog crates and use those as the coops to further the illusion. LOL