Monday, July 22, 2013

Antonio's Nightstand

This year for Antonio's birthday I decided to give him a nightstand. But instead of just buying one, we decided to design and then build him one that he can hang on the wall up on the top bunk of his bed.
So I started out with a simple sketch, and then bought a piece of 1"x 6" x 6' pine.

The plain, uncut board was waiting for him with a bow on top in the living room among his other presents. He didn't know what to make of it when he saw it. Then he realized that it was somehow his present. His first guess was a diving board. When he found out that the wood was for him and I to make a nightstand together he got really excited.

 We made all the cuts, and put it together, using my Kreg Jig to make some of the joins as pocket holes.

Then we stained and sealed the wood, and finally hung it on the wall next to the top bunk of his bed.

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